F*ck You ‘Yes People’ 

Being a ‘yes person’ sounds like a brilliant idea, saying ‘yes!’ to everything and experiencing a thousand adventures that you can look back on when your old and smile at. I wish to be a ‘yes person’, to join the ranks of the optimists and live life to the fullest! I want to share fantastic experiences and relay them in stories to greedy listeners. I want to die knowing I made the most of the time I had, never missing an opportunity. 
The truth is, however, I can’t afford to be a ‘yes’ person. My will to galavant off into the future, chasing thrills and memories is restricted by the pitiful number of coins in my purse. Hell yeah I wanna ski down a mountain then drink frothy hot chocolate in a wood cabin by a real fire. Too right I want to throw myself out of a plane, plummeting towards a secluded beach below. I want to fly around the wold, experiencing all the beautiful cultures and it’s people. My debit card on the other hand, has other plans. That needs me to use it to by food and soap. I need to pay rent and travel costs to get to work so I can pay for travel costs and rent.
We all want the lives that are splashed across buses, of people lounging on white sand or exploring a lush green forest, but most of us have to live in the confines of reality. 
Don’t tell me to ‘just do it’ because I can’t afford to just effing ‘do it’, if I could I would and since robbing a bank is frowned upon my funds remain tied to the will of my employer.Well, that and my intense need to over think and analyse everything, but that’s another days issue.  
  I’m going to strive to be a ‘yes person’ in my day to day life, but that island of tropical flowers which requires a private jet and unpaid leave might just have to wait.


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