Escaping Adulthood

Being in your twenties is like waking up on what you thought was Christmas day, only to realise it’s Halloween… of the following year. Suddenly all the magic is gone and your left facing something truly terrifying; reality. You can’t really remember what you’ve done with the last twelve months, and you sure as hell have no idea what you’re doing with the next, or maybe that’s just me.
Given that I’ve just made a vast assumption about anyone who is or has been in their twenties I should probably reveal a little about me. I am an English & Media graduate who is avoiding the lure adulthood by hiding behind the label ‘backpacker’. Honestly, I’m not even this as I opted for a suitcase instead of a backpack due to my 4’11 frame, but we won’t get hung up in the technicalities.
Like many of my millennial generation, I often feel like I’ve been walking down the yellow brick road only to find there isn’t any answers at the end, just a million more questions. I have very little idea of what I want to do with my life other than that I want to write, but even with my head full of fairy dust I can’t pretend that’s the world’s most solid career plan. To begin with, write what? For whom? Where? Flowering from a desperate bid to find the answers to these questions comes this blog. 
Documenting all my misadventures as I travel the world, in a sense to get a deeper understanding of myself and the beautiful cultures around us. Hopefully someone out there, in the deep dark web, will be able to relate. If nothing else, I hope to bring smile to those who stumble across this Paige – see what I did there? (I’m sorry, I promise I’ll at least try and get better with the puns). 
Ultimately, I believe all our lives are small chapters in part of a (sometimes) wonderful story, and this is mine. It will be mixture of my angry rants about a world I don’t fully understand, a self-exposé that will hopefully make you laugh (at me, with me, I’m okay with either), and a kind of travel diary. A true reflection of my mixed up, muddled up life. 
Welcome & enjoy!


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